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Q & A: Payton Gall

By NDSAS, 03/03/20, 8:00AM CST


Payton is a pitcher and plays first base for Jamestown High School.

Payton Gall | JR | Jamestown

High School: Jamestown High School
Positions: P/1B
Jersey Number: 7

What do you like the most about the game of softball?
My favorite thing is probably how it’s really frustrating and tedious sometimes, but it’s equally rewarding when you least expect it. The extreme highs and lows are what make it interesting. Also, I’ve met more friends and cool people through this sport than in any other aspect of my life.

What do you think is your greatest strength in the sport of softball?
Probably my ability to keep the mood light.

Any favorite moment you used your defense to help your team win?
I’m sure there are more interesting instances, but this one I remember. Last year against Dickinson, I pitched consistently, which allowed the rest of the defense to come together to win against that team for the first time. Even though my strikeout count wasn’t fantastic, I felt I did exactly what I needed to do.

What do you like the most about your head coach?​​​​​​​
Marissa genuinely cares about all of us. She’s like a parent/friend to all of us. It’s easy to see that she thinks quite a bit about every piece of advice she gives us. She focuses a lot on the mental part of the game, which is really beneficial.

Who is your softball role model?
I can’t pick one, but I’ve learned a lot from the girls on the college team at University of Jamestown.

What is your favorite high school softball moment or game so far?
Playing against Mandan at WDA last year. It was a late game, so we were under the lights, and it was raining, so we had intermittent rain delays though the game. We were super hype and just had a lot of fun. We kind of messed around during the rain delays. Overall a good time.

Are there any teams you look forward to playing next year? If so, why? 
I can’t pick one. All of the teams in the west are going to be super good.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
To hopefully get to state and show off the potential we’ve been building up these past couple years.

Do you play on any summer and/or travel teams? If so, which one(s)?
Last summer I played for ND Elite. It was a really cool experience.

Do you have a favorite pre-game or post-game meal?
It’s not really a meal, and not the healthiest, but Red Bull.

Who is the funniest teammate you have?
Alex Nihill

What is the coolest thing about your town?          
The college and all the new facilities it has.