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Q & A: Kaitlin Ensign

By NDSAS, 02/02/20, 8:00AM CST


Kaitlin Ensign is a catcher for the Hillsboro-Central Valley Burros.

Kaitlin Ensign | SR | Hillsboro-Central Valley

High School: Central Valley Public School
Positions: C
Jersey Number: 4

What do you like the most about the game of softball?
As a catcher, I love that I get to be involved in every play. I love backing up the pitcher, getting an out during a throw down, and the excitement of an out at home.

What do you think is your greatest strength in the sport of softball?
My greatest strength is my understanding of the game. I feel like I always know what's going on and am focused in on every play.

Any favorite moment when you used your bat to help your team win?
I almost hit a grand slam, but was denied when the ball hit the fence and bounced back in play resulting in a triple.

Any favorite moment you used your defense to help your team win?
My favorite defensive play to help my team win is when I have a great throw down and it results in an out.

Who is your softball role model?
My softball role model is (all-star alum and current Mayville State player) Laura Spurgeon because she plays with grit and worked hard.

What do you like the most about your head coach?
My favorite thing about my head coach Cory Erickson is that he has always believed in me.

What is your favorite high school softball moment or game so far?My favorite softball moment is hitting a home run in the 2019 state semi-final game against the Central Cass Squirrels.

Are there any teams you look forward to playing next year? If so, why?
I am looking forward to playing the Central Cass Squirrels next year because we came so close to beating them in the semi-final game at state and I feel like my team wants a rematch.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
An expectation of mine for the upcoming season is that every player on my team plays a 110% every game and leaves nothing behind.

Do you play on any summer and/or travel teams? If so, which ones?
Yes, the Cass-Trail Blazers

What is or would be your walk up song?
My walk up song is Eye of the Tiger.

Who is the funniest teammate you have?
The funniest teammate that I have had was Nicole Hurt. She was always making jokes and knew how to get a laugh out of you.

What is the coolest thing about your town?
My school is not found in a town, but in the middle of a field.