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Q & A: Taryn Schurhamer

By NDSAS, 02/01/20, 6:00AM CST


Taryn Schurhamer pitches and plays third base for Wilton-Wing.

Taryn Schurhamer | JR | Wilton-Wing

High School: Wilton Public School
Positions: P/3B
Jersey Number: 1

What do you like the most about the game of softball?
How easy it is to become part of a team so quickly. I love that’s it’s a game that anyone can play and a sport you can continue to play for a long time. 

What do you think is your greatest strength in the sport of softball?
I would say my greatest strength is the understanding of the game. Knowing the job of any position, and having the ability to play wherever needed. 

Any favorite moment when you used your bat to help your team win?
My favorite memory would be my first home run my freshman year. 

Any favorite moment you used your defense or pitching to help your team win?
After giving up a home run to one of my good friends (not intentionally) in the third inning I didn’t allow another batter to get on base.

Who is your softball role model?
Nobody stands out but I appreciate everyone I’ve played with and against. A lot of the individual talents have driven me to try to improve in all aspects of the game. 

What do you like the most about your head coach?
He gives the best pregame pep talks, he is open to my ideas regarding drills in practice and allows us to be ourselves and truly cares about everyone on the team. 

What is your favorite high school softball moment or game so far?My dad hitting a home run off of me at our end of the season picnic/ awards banquet night, while playing a game of parents vs. team. 

Are there any teams you look forward to playing next year? If so, why?
Washburn, they won against us last year and I’m going to make sure that it never happens again. 

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
Hold my balls to strikes ratio to 30%, bat .450, beat my strikeouts for a game record, and beat Washburn. 

Do you play on any summer and/or travel teams? If so, which ones?
Yes! I play for a great team called ND Elite. 

Do you have a favorite pre-game or post-game meal?
Post-game Mac an’ Cheese and Hotdogs. 

Do you have any softball superstitions?
When I go up to bat I always place the end of my bat on the bottom left corner of home plate. 

What is or would be your walk up song?
Can’t Touch This- by M.C. Hammer

Who is the funniest teammate you have?
Peyton Gall on my travel team. 

What is the coolest thing about your town?
I really like our softball facility.